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Tangere Arts logo made into a badge

Sometimes, people come to us with just a logo or an image and an idea.

Tangere Arts are one of the UK's top children's theatre companies who tour nationally and internationally. They were the winners of the 2012 Offies (Off West End Theatre Awards) for best production for young people.

This year, Tangere Arts are celebrating their tenth anniversary and wanted a badge made to mark the occasion.

They had a great logo and wanted a badge that incorporated that logo and the words "I AM 10".

So we chose an informal font (perfect for kids) and started to created a "birthday" style badge with the I AM 10 taking centre stage (as you would expect of a birthday badge), with the logo underneath. We also made the text the same colour as the darkest blue in the logo.
Tangere Arts Sample Badge

To add the icing to the birthday cake, we took the target part of the logo, faded it, and then used it as a background for the badge.

"Fantastic! Arrived today!" said David, the Director at Tangere Arts. "Thank you George and thanks to all your team. Excellent job! Beautiful badges!"

This is the sort of thing we can do for you too and at no extra cost. It's all part of the art of badge making.

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