Badge artwork template for 25mm (one inch) badges using Photoshop

Template for use with Photoshop for button badge design
If you are using Photoshop to create your button badge artwork, we have made a template especially for you: click here to download .psd template

A few notes for guidance.

A button badge is 25mm in diameter, but it has curved edges.

So the useable face of a button badge is 23mm in diameter - so all text, etc., should fit within the inner dotted line.

The solid black line marks the 25mm diameter.

If you would like your artwork's background or main design to run over or "bleed" over the edge of the badge, please extend your design to the outer 28mm dotted line.

As you'll see, the guide lines are on a layer that can be made invisible or removed so that you can see your design in all its glory.

300dpi too please.

If you are not using Photoshop to prepare your artwork, but want to send us a .jpg or a Word file, that's fine too. We don't have a template for those formats, but that's not a problem. Just send us what you have and we will size it to fit our template and convert it to a Photoshop filer for you here free of charge.

For further artwork advice see our artwork guide.

We send a proof by email of your design on a badge so you can see it before we press the magic button that starts the production ball rolling.

Any questions? As always


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