How big is a traditional button badge?

A button badge is the size of a button or a 10p coin
How big is a button badge?

The simple answer: it's as big as a button!

In some countries, including the USA, they are even called buttons.

A traditional button badge is one inch in diameter which equates to 25mm if you've gone continental. If you don't have a ruler or tape measure to hand, it's almost exactly the same size as a 10p coin.

If you have a 10p coin handy, take a closer look at the amount of legible writing that appears on it along with the Queen's head and the crowned lion. It's surprising just how much detail and information there is on a small coin.

You can get just as much on a one inch badge - and often more because it has the advantage of being able to use colour and contrast.

This is the most popular size of badge we make: 1" / 25mm. A badge the size of a button. And a cool button at that!

We always check customer designs to make sure text will be legible at badge size. If it won't be, we will let you know, together with what we suggest you do instead to maximise impact.

But don't ever think a badge the size of a button is too small to get your message across. It is by far the most popular badge size for good reason: it packs an almighty punch for its size and without having to shout like bigger, clumsier badges do!


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