We send a badge proof by email for you to see how your badge will look!

Badges You Can Write On

A month doesn't go by without us being asked if we can supply plain badges that can then be written on.

Until now, we couldn't. The problem is that button badges have a plastic film that covers the artwork to protect it and that plastic film doesn't like to be written on. We tried all manner of permanent markers, but all with the same result: even if you left it alone for 15-20 minutes, the ink would easily smudge.

The good news is we have found a solution and can now offer button badges that you can write on!

Just grab a Sharpie Permanent Marker, write on the badge, and within 30 seconds it will be touch dry. And all thanks to the specially coated film we use with these badges.

Perfect for name badges for conferences, exhibitions, meetings, visitors, parties and more.

Although you'll be using a permanent marker and the ink won't smudge if you rub it, it isn't actually 100% permanent. With a littleh elbow grease and the help of a slightly damp cloth, it is still possible to remove the ink, which means you can reuse the badges if you want to.

The badges are available in 38mm size as standard - anything smaller is too small to write on. Larger 55mm or 76mm badges are available on request. Our 38mm badges also have safety pin backs so are suitable for all ages.

Our badges also come in a wide range of colours - including metallic gold, silver and bronze - so we can work with you on colour themes.

What's more, we can add a logo or text to the top and / or bottom of the badge for that custom touch, while leaving plenty of space for you to write a name across the centre. There will be an aditional charge for this.

The price for our badges you can write on? £2 each including delivery to a UK address. We appreciate that most customers will only require small quantities of these badges and so we have a minimum order of just five. please contact us about larger orders as we may be able to offer you a lower price per badge for 20+.

38mm badges in a variety colours
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Badges You Can Write On
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Minimum order five badges. For larger quantities simply add the size you want to the cart and increase your quantity there.

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We send a badge proof by email for you to see how your badge will look!