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Christmas Party Badges - Your Design

Christmas is our favourite time of year - and not only because Santa brings us lots of lovely presents. We love it because it means we get to make button badges for Christmas parties. And who doesn't like a good old Christmas office party?

Our top pick for this year were a set of prohibition era badges we made for Estee Lauder in London. The themed event transported party goers back to the Prohibition era of 1920s America and to a time when alcohol was banned and the likes of Al Capone made their illegal fortunes by satisfying a nation's thirst.

Our brief was to make badges based on actual buttons and posters from the period. We settled on the classic "No Beer No Work" slogan, alongside the "We Want Beer" and "Re Peal 18th Amendment", all three of which were faithful recreations of badges from the time. The "Vote Against Prohibition" badge was a reworking of a popular poster complete with Uncle Sam.

For the non-drinkers and designated drivers present, we went for the classic teetotallers slogan - "Lips That Touch Liquor Shall Not Touch Mine" complete with red lipstick lips.

The best thing about party badges is that guests not only get to wear them at your event, but they get to take them home with them too as a wee memento of a good time had.

So if you're looking for ideas for your next party, add some sparkle with button badges!

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