Why curved text can bring out the best in a badge

For maximum impact, it's important that you make the most of the fact that a badge is circular - and that's especially true if your design includes text.

Let me introduce you to Button the bulldog so that I can show you what I mean.

Puppies don't come any cuter than Button!
Button the bulldog puppy

Now, if all you wanted on your badge was a picture of Button and his name, that will work brilliantly without any problems as you'll see from the picture below.

But suppose you want to use the wording, "Button the bulldog"?

It you wanted those words to appear on the same line then the only way they would fit would be to reduce the size of the text. That's fine to a point, but if you wanted "Button the bulldog puppy", for example, it starts becoming too small to read.

There is a solution, however. Make the most of the circular shape of a badge by running the text around the outside edge. As you can see, the Button the bulldog text is larger and therefore much easier to read in the picture above when the text is curved around the edge.

Unless you have suitable image software, getting text to run in a perfect circle can be very difficult indeed, but guess what? We have the software so can do this for you at no extra cost. Just let us know what text you want and whether you want it to run around the top, the bottom, both or however, and we will make it happen!

Any questions? As always info@buttonbadges.co.uk

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