Button badges, elections and conforming to the law

Whether it's the General Election, local elections or student elections, you won't be surprised to hear that Button Badges makes a lot of badges for a lot of candidates.

Badges are a fantastic way for supporters to show their support for candidates and parties.

When it comes to local and national elections, we are regularly asked about what information needs to appear on a badge to conform to the law and the guidelines issued by the Electoral Commission.

The law states that an imprint must, by law, be added to all campaign material.

On printed material for example , such as leaflets and posters, you must include the name and address of the printer, the promoter, and any person on behalf of whom the material is being published (and who is not the promoter).

The Electoral Commission understands, however, that it is not practical to include this much information on a 25mm button badge.

It is therefore suggested by the Electoral Commission that, instead of the full imprint required by law, you include a website or email address on your badge so that there is a reasonable chance someone can find information about the badge manufacturer and promoter.

We hope that helps!


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