I Love Art badges!

I Love Art Button Badges
Who doesn't love Art at school?

Hence the need for I Love Art badges. Obviously.

But in keeping with the I Love Biology badges we made with a real heart instead of the soppy old red one, we thought we'd use a bit of artistic licence with I Love Art badges too.

And, hey presto, here's what we came up with - an I Love Art button badge that uses a red palette and paint brush instead of a heart!
I Love School Badges

But for all you traditionalists out there, we are just as happy to make your Art badges with the traditional NY style heart.

Pays your money and takes your choices!

Don't forget our other other school subject badges that help spread the love like our ones for Chemistry, Maths and Music.

And don't be shy at suggesting your own idea for expanding this range. You don't need any artwork. Just send us your idea for replacing the heart and we will do our best to make it work for you!

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