I Love Melrose (and NY)

Melrose Buttons
Just been doing a bit of Spring cleaning (as you do) and came across a sample pack of four I Love Melrose button badges that we made a few years ago.

Based on the I Love NY theme, the red heart was replaced by a tartan heart to give these buttons a Scottish twist, Melrose being a lovely wee town in the Scottish borders.

We didn't stop there though. We made them with a choice of tartans to add even more flavour to the buttons.

No artwork was required for this order. We set the text here and also created the tartan hearts (not difficult with the right software) at no extra cost.

There was no extra charge for producing four different tartan badges either. If you have multiple designs and order 100-250 badges and you can have up to two designs at no extra cost; order 300 or more badges and you can have an extra design per 100 badges ordered .

So for example, order 400 badges and you can have up to four different designs (as was the case with this order) for the price of 400 badges rather than paying for 4 x 100 badges. 400 badges on our relax service would be £72, but if you paid separately for 4 x 100 badges the price would be £100. See all prices here.

So, how can we help you today? Let us know at info@buttonbadges.co.uk


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