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QR Codes are everywhere. Maze-like bar codes that can be scanned by smartphones to provide quick access to a website or web page.

Now, everybody knows that smartphones are cool. In fact they are almost as cool as button badges. But a QR Code for smartphones on a badge?

We are talking the Fonz of button badges available in four sizes - 25mm, 38mm, 55mm and 76mm!

We can make QR Code badges for your band, club, event, organisation or business. In fact we have even made them as wedding invitations - badges that directed those who were given one to a web page inviting them to be guests at a wedding!

QR Code Bade For buttonbadges.co.uk
And we make it as easy as possible too.

1. You supply the website address or web page you want the QR Code to direct to

2. We create the QR Code for you - free of charge

3. We put the QR Code on as many button badges as you want with a minimum order quantity of just 20.

4. We send you your QR Code button badges!

For prices see our badge price list.

Any questions? info@buttonbadges.co.uk


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