A badge that hopefully won't scare the crows!

Artwork sent by Microsoft Word
Not everyone has the software to create a badge design and that's why we are happy to accept artwork in a wide range of formats including Microsoft Word.

The little fellow on the left arrived last week and as you can see he came via a Microsoft Word document. Accompanying him was the wording that was required on the badge:

Malborough 2014 Scarecrow Trail

That and a request for a yellow badge.

That's all we needed to get to work!

The first thing we did was remove the box around our scarecrow because that wouldn't look good on a badge. Then we took him out of Word so that we could proceed with his makeover.

A yellow background was added. We wanted to complement the muted colours of the scarecrow so chose a soft yellow for the background. We also wanted the yellow to run over the edge of the badge so allowed for that.

Scarecrow Badge Artwork

The next job was to add the text, wrapping it around the top and bottom so that it formed a perfect circle. Black was the obvious choice because it stands out against a yellow background (the more text, the more important the contrast becomes because it increases legibility on a one inch / 25mm badge).

Artwork done, it was time to make a proof so that the customer could approve our handiwork.
Scarecrow Badge

Badge approved, our little scarecrow friend made his way to the production line and the end result was a bagful of one inch button badges ready for action on the scarecrow trail!

There is no charge for preparing artwork like the above. We are always happy to help out whenever we can.

So how can we help you today? Let us know at info@buttonbadges.co.uk.


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