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Retro Button Badge for the Oriinal Surfboard Company
"I love your badges," says Sally from The Original Surfboard Company. "People always smile when they get given one - and I like to add them in as a surprise gift too."

Before the arrival of Malibu surf boards in Britain in the 1960s, surfers would ride the waves, lying down on thin wooden boards - and the Original Surfboard Company are on a mission to preserve and revive this tradition. They hand make retro style wooden bodyboards and classic belly boards right here in Britain, but they are obviously big on smiles too. Their website features ten reasons why you should try belly boarding and right there at number one is "It makes you smile AND it's good for you!"

Here at Button Badges we love tradition too. We've been making authentic button badges for over 25 years now using only the best of British made components. While other companies "move with the times", substituting cheaper plastic parts from China for British made metal ones, we stay true to our roots. Always have, always will.

And it's amazing to hear just where our badges end up. Sally's given them to surfers in Montauk, a famous USA surf beach in New York) and has sent them to customers in California, Australia, Japan and Hawaii!

Closer to home, if you are in Truro on the 2nd of August, 2014, pop along to Waterstones between 11am to 6pm and Sally will have some badges as part of abook launch for a 1950s guide that the Original Surfboard Company has re-published.


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