The devil, as always, is in the detail

Santa Dog band badge
Santa Dog. Do band names come any better than that? Santa Dog.

And not just a great name either. The badge design was beautiful too. The picture on this page just won't do it justice, but believe me when I tell you it was, well, top dog.

The fear is that some of that intricate detail will be lost when your artwork / work of art is transferred to a humble one inch button badge.

Admittedly, 25mm badges are small, but perfectly formed, so fear not, dear reader. You're in capable hands with this badge maker, as Rowena from the band will tell you.

"Got the badges today and they're gorgeous!", said the guitar-slinging vocalist. "You've done a wonderful job on them, thanks so much. Hopefully we can put a repeat order in soon."

If you are a band and want badges, you know where to come!

The trick is to ensure you supply us with the best quality image possible, one that captures every detail that you would like to appear on your badges. We will then do our best to reproduce that detail on your one inch pieces of art. Some detail may be lost, particularly if your artwork is much biger than a badge, but you might be surprised by what we can achieve.


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