She who laughs last...

What The Frock Comedy badges
If you ever find yourself in Bristol and are in need of a good laugh, do yourself a favour and get along to a What The Frock! comedy event.

Started by Jane Duffus in May, 2012, What The Frock! specialises in showcasing the talents of female comedians, working with over 100 to date. And we have been proudly making button badges for them since day one!

As well as the monthly comedy club at various venues around Bristol, What The Frock! have held events in London, Manchester, Bath and Exeter, so it's not just Bristolians who get to exercise their laugher muscles. And men don't miss out either - just as there are always lots of women in the audience of a male comedian's show, there are always plenty of men at all-female shows.

For details of forthcoming shows, visit the What The Frock! website.

PS If you fancy doing a bit of stand-up yourself, get along to one of their comedy workshops!


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