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We love club promoters - and not just because they buy lots of badges ;-)

We love them because they understand the importance of promotion.

And as we all know one of the best ways to promote anything music-related is via the legendary persuasive powers of - yes, you guessed it - the button badge!

Club Hell Yeah! Badge
Club Hell Yeah! is a monthly indie pop club night in North London with a wicked playlist that features everything from 60s mod through to ZZ Top.

As the CHY crew say themselves, "We play tunes that people like. But only if we like them too."

Can't say fairer than that now can you?

Anyway, you'll be delighted to hear that we made this loveable lot a batch of badges based on the club's logo and put a smile on DJ Stu Plimsoles face doing so.

"The badges arrived first thing Tuesday morning and they look fantastic. Thanks very much for a great job! Hopefully be coming back for some more soon. Will definitely be recommending you to friends!"

Club promotion coming up? Do it with button badges!

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