38mm Badges Made To Your Design

I'll let you into a wee secret. Button Badges don't just make 25mm badges. We can make 38mm, 55mm and 76mm badges too although until now have never advertised that fact.

Truth be told, we really love the old one inch (now 25mm) button badge and always have done and we specialise in making them.

But we know that sometimes size does matter and that there are times when our customers need something bigger. Hen nights, staff badges, campaigns, that sort of thing. And if we've been asked, we have made larger badge sizes on request. Now, we are going to offer larger sizes alongside our 25mm badges to see how they sell and if they prove popular we will add them permanently to our range.

First to be added will be 38mm badges made to your own design or as plain colour badges in as many colours as our 25mm badges. Full price list is below and we will shortly be uploading a 38mm badge template for you to work with.

38mm is one and a half inches in old money and as you can see from the picture it gives you lot more badge real estate to play with than its 25mm cousin (the picture also shows a 76mm badge for comparison purposes).

Our 38mm badges are made with quality components as you would expect, with metal backs and safety pin fastenings.

So that's your heads up. Prices for 38mm button badges are below, but until this goes fully live, please email us in the first instance with your artwork or artwork ideas we will get back to you regarding price and delivery. As always, you can email us at info@buttonbadges.co.uk.

38mm button badges made to your own design
Custom 25mm Button Badges made to your design!
38mm Button Badges made to your design!
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