I can sing a rainbow with badges!

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I can sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow too!

Only days after posting details of our rainbow of badges, featuring red, orange yellow, green, blue, purple and lilac coloured badges, I heard the I Can Sing A Rainbow song for the first time in years. It has its own take on the colours of the rainbow, most notably with its inclusion of pink.

In truth, there are no seven precise colours of a rainbow. The number of colours present in any naturally occurring rainbow varies, but runs the whole length of the spectrum. It was Sir Isaac Newton who decided seven was a nice number, but only because he liked order: there were seven musical notes, seven days of the week, seven known planets at the time, so why not seven colours of the rainbow?

Basically, there are no right or wrong colours to include in a rainbow of button badges!

We can print on this range of badges!
Pink works very well because it is another bright colour that looks great either plain or with printed black text or a black logo on it. So we've decided to offer this alternative rainbow badge set too!

We can supply them as plain colour button badges as above in whatever quantity you require (it could be you need more red than blue for example - that's no problem), and we can print a logo or text in black on them for you at no extra cost.

Our rainbow coloured button badgs are also available in four sizes - 25mm (the size of a 10p coin), 38mm, 55mm and 76mm.

Want some help in creating your rainbow of badges or a price quote? We're always happy to help and are only an email away at info@buttonbadges.co.uk

Ordering on behalf of a school and want to pay by invoice? All we require is an official Purchase Order number. We can then include an invoice when we send your badges rather than you having to pay in advance. Of course you can pay by card or cheque when ordering if you prefer.


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