Safety pin back badges now available at no extra cost

D pin or safety pin back
When button badges were first produced over 100 years ago, they were made with an open pin. As well as the risk of the wearer pricking him or herself, the real problem was that badges often fell off and were lost.

Then along came the D pin which allows a badge to be fastened securely to a garment of clothing with far less risk of it falling off.

We use high quality British made D pin backings as standard on our 25mm badges because it gives the look and feel of a traditional button badge.

We can also supply badges with a safety pin back. The face of the badge is identical, but the back features a small metal safety pin secured by a white plastic back. Not so traditional, but you pays your money and you takes your choice!

If you would prefer safety pin backs with your 25mm badges, just let us know when ordering. The price is the same as our D pin backs.

Our larger size badges - 38mm, 55mm and 76mm - all come with a safety pin back as standard.

safety pin badges

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