Metallic Finish Button Badges With Added Stars!

Plain Metallic Finish Badges With Star Background
Drum roll please!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs, it gives me great pleasure to introduce our new range of badges!

Metallic finish badges with subtle holographic stars!

Similar to our very popular metallic finish badges, this new collection comes with a twist: a subtle star holographic effect! When the light catches them, they begin to twinkle!

This makes them perfect for award and reward badges - anyone who receives one will know that they are a star!

They also come in a bigger range of colours than our standard metallic finish badges. The star collection includes gold, silver, red, green, blue and purple. What's more they are available in not only 25mm size, but 38mm, 55mm and 76mm badge sizes too.

Plain metallic finish badges come with safety pin backs as standard and are the same price as our standard matt finish badges.

And there's more great news. All six colours can be printed on!

Printed metallic finish badges are a little more expensive than our standard finish badges because they involve more labour and time, but we are only talking pennies per badge and the effect can be stunning.

Printed Metallic Finish Badges With Star Background
Like all of our metallic finish badges, they work best with simple bold black on white artwork with silver and gold producing the best results because they offer the best contrast with black.

We're particularly impressed by the blue in this collection as it is lighter in colour than our standard metallic blue and so gives a better contrast with black. The green, red and purple work well too.

If you've artwork or a logo and need text added, but don't know if it will work, please email it to us and we can take a look for you.

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