We send a badge proof by email for you to see how your badge will look!

I Love Button Badges!

We agree with Wet Wet Wet. Love is all around.

And Eric Carmen. Love is all that matters.

When it comes to spreading that love, you can't do better than button badges based on the "I Love NY" logo.

I Love Button Badges
We makes LOADS of these and we can make them for you too.

You don't even need any artwork. We can add any letters or word below the I Love (Heart) for you at no extra cost.

We have a font that closely resembles that used in the iconic New York logo and we have the heart here all ready to go. And it doesn't need to be red! Your heart can be any colour - we've even made a tartan one!

And check out our I love school badges below where the heart is adapted to the subject!

I Love School Badges

Our I Love badges are available in four sizes - 25mm, 38mm, 55mm and 76mm.

PS Also fab for weddings, Valentine's Day, proposals.., feel the love, people, feel the love!

Any questions? As always info@buttonbadges.co.uk

Check out our blue plaque style badges too!

Blue Plaque Style Badges

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We send a badge proof by email for you to see how your badge will look!