We send a badge proof by email for you to see how your badge will look!

Metallic Custom Button Badges

Another first from Button Badges - short run custom made metallic finish badges printed with your own design!

Super excited at Button Badges HQ today because after a couple of months of experimentation, we have perfected the art of putting badge designs on to shiny metallic finish badges! Woop! Woop!

Metallic finish button badges

Above is an example of some gold, silver and bronze attendance badges we made for a school recently. These premium quality badges look amazing and will definitely make your badges stand out from the crowd.

Our metallic finish badges made to your own design are now available in gold, silver, bronze, red, green and blue.

Gold - ideal as award and reward badges, it is perfect for gold on black and black on gold designs, but also works well with bright spot colours like red.

Silver - definitely the most versatile of our metallic finish badges because the silver is almost the equivalent of working on a white background. Bold versions of yellow, green, blue, and red, and of course black work well.

Bronze - best used for bold black text and logos.

Red - again, best suited to bold black text and logos.

Green - the darkest of our metallic finishes and so only suited to bold black text and logos.

Blue - like green, the darkest of our metallic badge colours so only suited to bold black text and logo designs.

Metallic Badges

They are available in all four of the badge sizes we make - 25mm, 38mm, 55mm and 76mm.

NEW! We have now added a platinum metallic finish button badge to our range! Works best with black logos and text, but may work with colour depending on your design.

AND NEWER STILL! Sparkling diamond metallic finish button badges! Almost as versatile as silver when it comes to what we can print!

We are more than happy to look at any artwork you have to see what colour or colours it would work best with. Just email us at info@buttonbadges.co.uk with your queries.

Production of these premium metallic finish badges is more labour and time intensive than standard button badges so they are currently available in quantities of 20-1,000.

All metallic finish badges have safety pin backs as standard.

Metallic Badges

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We send a badge proof by email for you to see how your badge will look!